Bridge variations by Tanel Teinemaa

Standard contract bridge rules apply with following changes:

Remove twos from deck
6 players are playing in two teams
Players are identified as N, NE, SE, S, SW, NW instead of N, E, S, W
N, SE and SW are in one team, NE, S, NW are in another team
Two dummy hands are played by declarer instead of one
Second dummy is revealed after 3rd card is played into first trick
Maximum level of contract is four
5 tricks are needed to make 1NT and 8 tricks are needed to make 4NT

NT: (80) 60
: 60
♣: 40
Games are 2NT, 2♠ and 3♣

NVUL: 200-400-400-600..
VUL: 400-600-600-600..
2x if redoubled

4th level = small slam
No grand slam

Bidding ends with 5 passes instead of 3 (6 are needed for passout instead of 4)
Full disclosure but no system restrictions

Have fun!